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2020 became the year working from the office expired.


HOMEWORK.WFH was conceived amidst the move from physical to digital work and social during 2020 lockdown. Triggered by being stuck inside, our band of creatives explored the trippy universe outside.


The sanctuary of our homes has been polluted by the never ending video calls. Technology is so ingrained in our lives, there’s no escape.


Everything from black mirror, i-robot and artificial intelligence is coming true. And all we’ve got for self defence is an iphone.


Our collection is based on elaborate graphics inspired by self discovery. Retiring shoes for slippers and slacks for sweats.


At HOMEWORK.WFH we are spearheading sustainability in many ways such as end to end manufacturing in the UK, reducing energy consumption and maintaining a low carbon footprint. Our fabric is knitted here, our postage bags are biodegradable and our artworks are printed with low water consumption. 

With our digital first initiative using 3D designing in reverse engineering is a conscious decision to ensure we reduce the textile waste used in sampling. 


As kids we grew up constantly trying to swerve homework. And now life is HOMEWORK.WFH.

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